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  1. beaziibub

    Ban wave - 30 March 2018

    Yet people are still getting banned on non-retail versions. What kind of idiot sells bots that don't work with no refundable terms. Online fraud at its finest. Im sooooo happy that i just started out new on wow as i've never played it till yesterday and was a trial version. Just close your site down or atleast state clearly which i'm sure you wont saying " Use at own risk, you will be banned" Take some coding lessons from MMOminion which i have used for 3 years without a single ban. Have fun banning a lot more people in the future.
  2. beaziibub

    Ban wave - 30 March 2018

    Scam!! If you know it's detected then why are you selling it?
  3. I am new to this bot so it just a noob question. Is there an assist option? Does it do the rotations itself?
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