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  1. [FREE] Feral 1-70

    I have extensive Feral Experience, Here is a FC I use for leveling after downloading a diff free FC and having lots of issues with it, I have changed about 75% of it to be wayyyy more productive.
    set it to use food/drink, it will hopefully not have to eat/drink often but still will help. 
    some improvements / cool features / to make it look less like a bot
    (untested feature to leave form if frost nova'd/cone of cold/ entangling roots) only buffs out of combat goes bear vs 2 or more, and back to cat when its 1 (does not use this feature until dire bear form is learned as its more efficient) no rip below 50% hp targets, as its not efficient does not leave cat form to heal unless below 39 energy (unless critically low hp) set to not leave form to heal when oom (though this does not always work properly because of % factors) ISSUES=  cant figure out yet how to have it stop going cat when talking to FP, so it runs everywhere 😛 
    also I have "travel form" set to mount, as I think you have to edit in your mounts name to cat-form buff condition, but i gave up on a solution for everyones diff mount names and just let it use travel (pro is you cannot get dazed off mount, into combat- plus its cheaper)
    Comment what you think or if you have any issues, maybe I can fix them (but I am NO pro) 
    Feral 1-70 retrostalgic.xml


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