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  1. Still down 😞
  2. hopefully fixed soon starting to be regular
  3. its back up and running again 🙂
  4. hopefully gets fixed soon i am nearly level 40 time to level by hand i guess 😛
  5. Think pathfinder must be down atm because mine started playing up aswell
  6. Its working great now thanks 🙂
  7. Okay thanks so much i appreciate it 🙂
  8. What is the tab for regeneration called i cant seem to find it ? i have had wrobot for about a week and i keep learing about new features ?
  9. I read right through the log and it actually does say Regen started how do i stop this 🙂 ?
  10. no they isnt a regeneration
  11. okay i will do thanks for reply
  12. My bot kills one mob then waits awhile before doing anything else.
  13. This still happening to anyone else ?
  14. razzathepro

    Questing profiles

    They is good paid ones. I use Eenys it is really good.
  15. Hopefully can be fixed soon