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  1. Yeah, I know that, but maybe someone else still does have knowledge about Blizzards detection methods against fishbotting.
  2. Hey folks, I recently started fishbotting on official servers again with a pixel- based bot. My question at this point is, how does blizzard nowadays detect this kind of bot and how do they ban players (instant/ banwaves)? Any additional tips how to avoid a ban would be usefull as well. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello folks, I'm currently working on a simple pvp rotation, but I still struggle with interrupt spells. If you choose Target in Cast in profile creator it will interrupt the target immediately and it will look really fishy, if you choose Target Casting Time Left it feels like it doesn't really matter which value you choose, it will interrupt very early as well. thanks in advance
  4. Hello folks, can someone create a plugin that forces the character to fly up a couple of feet while flying gathering after he's done with collecting a herb/ node? thanks in advance
  5. I would suggest to implement a skip next [X] waypoints option, I think it looks kinda weird how the bot is always returning perfectly to the nearest waypoint in the gathering route. Let's make the transition more smooth and fluent.
  6. Perfect, that's what I wanted to hear
  7. Hello folks, does anyone know If Wrotation will work on warmane servers without getting banned? I know that PQR will get you banned because of their own anti-cheat. best regards
  8. I would really suggest to change the way the bot is rising while flying, as example with spacebar instead of setting a waypoint above the characters head. Or prioritize gaining heigh first instead of moving to a certain location.
  9. Nope, WRobot for Wow Wrath of the Lich King (3.3.5a.12340) I found the reason for the stuttery movement, seems like the bot clicks multiple times around a herb or node, so it always cancels the other action beforehand. Somehow with a ground mount and ground profiles waypathing works but not with a flight mount and flight profiles. Seems like the updater has an issue as well: error: System.Net.WebException: Die Anfrage wurde abgebrochen: Es konnte kein geschützter SSL/TLS-Kanal erstellt werden.. bei System.Net.WebClient.DownloadFile(Uri address, String fileName) bei UpdateManager.UpdateManager.Inoerueruawu()
  10. Already did that too, same results, bot gets literally stuck on everything, won't recognize the ground etc.
  11. Any solutions? Seems like it won't load any mashes at all ...
  12. already did that with different values, waypaths still won't work.
  13. all keys are assigned to the default settings
  14. Just reinstalled the bot to make sure I haven't made a mistake, same issues. 3 Jul 2018 17H08.log.html
  15. Hello folks, I recently bought this bot, it fails to create any waypaths while gathering, ignores walls, trees, rocks etc. and get stuck regularly. I activated move by lua already but it doesn't affect anything.
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