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Maximilian Sjutti

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  1. I think i fixed the problem since it wasn't in windowmode, but in maxwindowmode.. But it works great now and i found great farming spots for leveling 🙂
  2. Why does my bot always wanting to release the instant it dies. To make this more "human" like, there should be an option where you can chose when it should release (Like in fishing, when the bot recast fishing again, since otherwise you know something is up). Is there already a profile for this or a plug in, let me know. Would appreciate it!
  3. Hi! I tried to check out youtube and these forums about this problem, but it seams to be just my client. I cannot record my pathway. I wanted to create my own profile that should be easily done, but unfortunately this cannot be done. It's just empty with ordinations and i cannot fill anything myself. Hope to get help soon, so i can go on and live a life 😛
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