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  1. I submitted my slam fightclass to the downloads section: Its for vanilla only, but it should show you how to make your own for other versions.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Introduction This class is based on the popular 2-handed fury improved slam spec: auto-attack -> instanly slam -> repeat Features Works with flurry Uses charge when available Uses revenge when available Uses bloodrage when available Uses execute when available and own health is below 70% (else it saves the rage for next fight) Keeps battleshout buff up Setup (READ BEFORE USING!) The fight class is based on weapon speed 3.6. If your weapon has speed a different speed, follow the steps below!! In order to have t
  3. I found a solution to this, without needing to to know if an auto attack "just happened". Heres what to do (DIY with fightclass editor): Add "Slam" to your fightclass, and for timer put down your weapon speed. So for instance, for my WW axe with speed 3.6, put down timer: 3600 This way, it will work as intended most of the time. When you start attacking, it will autoattack + instantly slam, and repeat. I will upload a fight class that does this soon (vanilla), that also incorporates the adjusted speed for Flurry.
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