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  1. How do you download a new updated version? Edit: I see, in the e-mail. Sorry.
  2. Mine is stuck in a loop, going to southshore and menethil over and over.
  3. waffulz89

    [PAID] Retribution Paladin 1-60

    Sorry, still new to all this. Appreciate the info.
  4. waffulz89

    [PAID] Retribution Paladin 1-60

    Mine won't drink or eat, also.. It keeps crashing? Saying something about another IP and only 1 IP can be used? It happens after an hour or so every time.
    Excellent product. Fast answer to problem. Profile leveling efficiently. Easy to use. 5 Stars.
  5. Excellent. You're right I see the steps. It's just been a very large amount of grinding it seems. Thank you for the help.
  6. I bought the combo I believe? The Email states: "Thank you for purchasing [Wrobot] 1-60 AFK Alliance Quester/Grinder RANDOMIZED v4.0" I loaded it into Quester Profile, and it grinds out every level. Am I missing a setting?
  7. It only grinds, it does no quests. Any idea what exactly is going on? It did starter quests, but then never again after lvl 8.