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  1. I watched eeny's great and accessible video on relogger, and got it working well. BUT, i am trying to play on the newly launched TBC server - Netherwing, and due to it being launch week, the game crashes super frequently, and the server might be down for up to 30 minutes, but often times only a minute or two. I'm finding that in these cases, relogger will open wow, try to login, get stuck at the 'choose realm' page or bugged character screen etc. , and stay there forever. Anybody have any suggestions on how to get my relogger to keep trying to log in until the server is up?
    Bambo's stuff is all really good - personally i have used this file to 99% afk bot to 51 and farmed around 200g along the way. Good routes, good zones, and good support on discord. Like bambo says, i recommend HMP and a good Matenia fight class -- ive walked in on my bot getting ganked a couple times and while i watched 100% afk my character managed to kill the other faction player. 100% recommend this profile for grinding any class to a high level while afk.
  2. Why can you manually enter an order ID for both fightclasses and plugins bot not profiles?! I just bought a new profile and wrobot is bugging in that it keeps sending me authentication errors without popping up the window in which i can type my order ID. this is driving me nuts. HOW can i manually enter in my ORDER ID for a questing profile when wrobot won't automatically pop up the window?
    great so far. im at level 24 and the FC was able to solo a level 32 mob. has no trouble with 2 mobs at the same level as my toon. really good mana efficiency especially if you spec into spirit tap. thank you!
  3. Hey, nice fc - i bought your 1-60 profile ally side too. my priest is running into this issue where it seems he is trying to wand but 'interrupted' is permanently spammed above him in red and he never actually gets a wand shot off...let me know if you have any suggestions - i think its trying to wand but at the same time spamming SW:P or PW shield so he cant get the wand shot off.
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