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    Far better than the standard fight class, though that isn't saying much. It's also hard to give a full review of this product since wrobot breaks apart functionality into different addons which overlap with each other. Overall it's an ok fight class, though has some issues. First and foremost is it fails to rectify the issue of being too close to whatever it's fighting. Mobs such as bears and wolves have odd hitboxes and the bot runs in too close to them resulting in "you are facing the wrong direction" errors. It has no method to detect and resolve this which means the bot stands there and heals itself over and over until it runs out of mana and dies. Outside of that which I consider critical as it's very obvious bot behavior, I am not sure the blame lies with the fight class. But things like "don't attack a skull enemy" and "flee before death" would be obvious improvements (assuming the fightclass handles this logic).
    Running this currently and have to echo another reviewer in stating that 1-20ish worked great, currently, mid 20's and the bot is struggling quite a bit. Frequently runs through large groups of enemies that it could never handle. Seems to really struggle when running between zones and pulling aggro. I've been as high as 20 deaths per hour hoping the bot figures out this is not a good place to be and ultimately having to manually take over. There also seems to be a pretty massive error in the system trying to get to hillsbrad foothills from the southern area's. It refuses to fly for some reason and attempts to cut through searing gorges tunnel which is closed and locked unless you have the key. This causes a ton of deaths being so low level in that area, and then when blocked by the gate the bot gets stuck. It hopefully is just this leveling range and returns to normal, if so I will update my review. But if it continues on like this I will be looking for another grinder.
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