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  1. Its the same, if you read what i said earlier. //A
  2. my exp /hr went från 30k/h - 23k/h. Then its better to just run the distance and not mount because the grind delay is killing the exp/h. Could this be fixed, the mount delay should only be set to just mount not everything els aswell.
  3. Tried, didnt work. 1200-1500 worked but now everything is delayed... Ive got 32ms, and a 150mbit connection... i cant have a 1-1,5 second delay on looting/killing/feeding pet etc etc.... @Droidz can you please help? @thxgod1 thanks.
  4. 13 maj 2019 14H12.log.html 14:16:48.775 - [Mount] Mounting ground mount Horn of the Dire Wolf14:16:51.074 - [Mount] Mounting ground mount Horn of the Dire Wolf Same with and without addons.
  5. So ive set it to mount if the distance is 80yrds or more, but it tries to mount and then starts walking mid-cast? Every time, mounts in vanilla has a 3 second cast time so it needs to set a delay whilst casting? Anyone els got this problem? Please help.... 🙂 //Attam
  6. I have a suggestion to be able to change mana % for when to use spells as lowest manA manuely and individual
  7. 23 apr 2019 18H05.log.html Redownloaded the bot, worked for 2 seconds before it tried to follow someone again and stoped
  8. So, iva made my own WSG profile, turned off all free modes, Path is not jumpinbg down anywhere. latancy set to 1-9999. and it stil buggs out, when it tries to follow people. Print screen of settings and profile linked. I need to town of following people that what makes it bug, how do i do that? [H]WSG.xml
  9. Everything is off, and my own profile is made and named exactly as the old (the old is deleted) still tries to follow people and bugs out and stands still
  10. 23 apr 2019 15H25.log.html New log still nothing
  11. Free mode is off at everysingle BG i recorded my own WSG and then renamed it still doestn work
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