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  1. Hi, why .cs file is ok. but C# cimpilator to .dll file will throw error? It cannot be .dll?
  2. put it to wrobot\Profiles\Custom Profile and select products Custom Profile
  3. Thanks for your report. Bug had received. But, because it's few to repeat, so maybe need more time to fix it. I'll follow with this. Thanks again.
  4. 以下为中文说明。 这是血色教堂区的打G脚本。 把角色停在副本门口,脚本会自动重置副本,然后开门,再进入副本。 当副本完成后,脚本会自动出来重置,然后再次进去。 脚本在3.3.5经过测试,但理论上,支持所有版本。 如果有bug请留言,有意见和建议也请留言。 谢谢
  5. Version 1.1.4


    PLEASE USE FREE VERSION HAVE A FULL TEST. REFUND WILL NOT CONFIGM. 请用免费版进行充分测试,支付后不接受任何退款。 Hello everyone. About This File: This is a Custom Profile for gold farming. And it's free. Low level dungeon is free. But high level need to paid. How To Use: You should select dungeon if this is your first time to use it. If you want to change another dungeon, delete config file first and restart it. It will tell you where the config file is when you start. You should at the door to start it, and it will reset dungeon, then auto open the door, and enter dungeon. It always auto out the dungeon if finish it. Dungeon List: Scarlet Monastery - Church The Stockade - Alliance Ragefire Chasm - Horde The Deadmines - Alliance Shadowfang Keep - Horde Zul'Farrak - paid Scholomance - paid Stratholme - paid Blackrock Depths - Alliance - paid Blackrock Depths - Horde - paid The Blood Furnace - Alliance - paid The Blood Furnace - Horde - paid more dungeon will add...😀 About Pay: This profile is charging by times of uses. Every launche this profile is 1. If you buy license of 3000, that's mean you can launches this 3000 times. So it's no session limit, no multi wow windows limit, only total use limit. Buy license link: 3000 times: https://gum.co/InstanceKiller3000 1000 times: https://gum.co/InstanceKiller1000 6000 times: https://gum.co/InstanceKiller6000 Contact Me: If you have any question, you can contact me with discord. https://discord.gg/MxYH4tS New Version download: top of right download link(need login) is free version, and here is paid version. every update also put on this link. download Statement: I, the owner and creator of this file, am in no way associated with the wRobot company. By purchasing this file, you agree to the contract of the purchasing website and that alone. Warning: The log is written by Chinese. If you need, please post here and tell me add English log. If you find some bug or have some suggest, please also post here let me know. This file had tested in client 2.4.5 and 3.3.5. But it's should be used in every game version. ========================================================================================= 以下为中文说明。 关于文件: 自定义配置文件,自定义配置文件,自定义配置文件! Custom Profile,Custom Profile,Custom Profile! 放在 profile -> Custom Profile 中,没有就自己新建这个文件夹! 如何使用: 如果你第一次使用,首先应该选择要farm的副本。如果你想改变成其他副本,应该把配置文件先删掉。在启动的时候,脚本会告诉你配置文件的位置。 这是血色教堂区的打G脚本。 把角色停在副本门口,脚本会自动重置副本,然后开门,再进入副本。 当副本完成后,脚本会自动出来重置,然后再次进去。 副本列表: 血色修道院 - 教堂 暴风城监狱 - 联盟 怒焰裂谷 - 部落 死亡矿井 - 联盟 影牙城堡 - 部落 祖尔法拉克 - 付费 通灵学院 - 付费 斯坦索姆 - 付费 黑石深渊 - 联盟 - 付费 黑石深渊 - 部落 - 付费 鲜血熔炉 - 联盟 - 付费 鲜血熔炉 - 部落 - 付费 更多副本正在加入.. 关于支付: 该文件计费方式是使用次数计费。每次启动该脚本,计数增加1.如果你买的是3000次license,那么你可以启动3000次。 该文件没有多开限制,只有总使用次数限制。 购买链接: (如果购买不方便,可以加我QQ,使用微信或支付宝。) 3000次: https://gum.co/InstanceKiller3000 1000次: https://gum.co/InstanceKiller1000 6000次: https://gum.co/InstanceKiller6000 联系方式: QQ: 314389688 新版本更新: 右上角的下载按钮(需要登录),下载是免费版本,这里的下载是付费版本。每次更新也可以在这里下载。 下载 声明: 本人作为该付费文件的作者和出售者,与Wrobot公司无关。购买此文件,即代表你同意购买本网站服务,也接受该服务。 注意: 脚本在2.4.3和3.3.5经过测试,但理论上,支持所有版本。 中文客户端可用,如果有问题你应该检查是不是战斗类不支持中文。 如果有bug请留言,有意见和建议也请留言。
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