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  1. Hi, why .cs file is ok. but C# cimpilator to .dll file will throw error? It cannot be .dll?
  2. put it to wrobot\Profiles\Custom Profile and select products Custom Profile
  3. Thanks for your report. Bug had received. But, because it's few to repeat, so maybe need more time to fix it. I'll follow with this. Thanks again.
  4. 以下为中文说明。 这是血色教堂区的打G脚本。 把角色停在副本门口,脚本会自动重置副本,然后开门,再进入副本。 当副本完成后,脚本会自动出来重置,然后再次进去。 脚本在3.3.5经过测试,但理论上,支持所有版本。 如果有bug请留言,有意见和建议也请留言。 谢谢
  5. Version 1.1.4


    PLEASE USE FREE VERSION HAVE A FULL TEST. REFUND WILL NOT CONFIGM. 请用免费版进行充分测试,支付后不接受任何退款。 Hello everyone. About This File: This is a Custom Profile for gold farming. And it's free. Low level dungeon is free. But high level need to paid. How To Use: You should select dungeon if this is your first time to use it. If you want to change another dungeon, delete config file first and restart it. It will tell you where the config file is when you start. You should at the door to start it, and it will reset dungeon, then auto open the door, and enter dungeon.
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