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  1. Hello, Both my keys wont work with Wrobot anymore. it says "this licence key is for another Wrobot program, please check here" Both keys used to work fine for me, i use WOTLK
  2. Hey there. Need help with Moonkin Form. Added the spell, and changed settings to cast moonkin in combat only (false) and to is Buff (true) and also not cast when mounted. But it still seems to just cycle casting moonkin form over and over.
  3. Hey guys, bot is working well. Just a minor issue. How do i set it so when new gear is picked up it prioritises intellect and stamina gear over strength? im playing on ascension so there are no classes as such, but i have spell caster spells. any help would be much appreciated
  4. Hello there. When out grinding mobs, is it possible to stop attacking the mob and attack a player that attacks you?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys. I play on project ascension mostly grinding now i have found this bot. I have taken a lot from the downloads section so thought i would add to it. This Fightclass is custom made for a spec i found on youtube. I works really well grinding out in the world (works okay in battlegrounder) Relies on Strength/Stamina with a good 2h weapon. Also need some Thunderclap Random Enchants YOUTUBE LINK TO SPEC AND WALKTHROUGH : TALENT AND ABILITIES CODE : :642:18499:1044:5277:6343:168:465:100:687:20252:71:6673:2842:53407:588:1953:1454:57994:20165:13161:2073t2:
  6. Hi Guys, I am playing on project ascension, got the bot working, working leveling profile but i cant get my fight class to work. I have all the hunter spells i need for it to work, but all it does is auto attack. Doesnt cast any spell. Any ideas? Hunter [Marksman] [Leveling 1-80] [WotLK] - Dreamful.xml
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