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  1. Hey guys, bot is working well. Just a minor issue. How do i set it so when new gear is picked up it prioritises intellect and stamina gear over strength? im playing on ascension so there are no classes as such, but i have spell caster spells. any help would be much appreciated
  2. Hello there. When out grinding mobs, is it possible to stop attacking the mob and attack a player that attacks you?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys. I play on project ascension mostly grinding now i have found this bot. I have taken a lot from the downloads section so thought i would add to it. This Fightclass is custom made for a spec i found on youtube. I works really well grinding out in the world (works okay in battlegrounder) Relies on Strength/Stamina with a good 2h weapon. Also need some Thunderclap Random Enchants YOUTUBE LINK TO SPEC AND WALKTHROUGH : TALENT AND ABILITIES CODE : :642:18499:1044:5277:6343:168:465:100:687:20252:71:6673:2842:53407:588:1953:1454:57994:20165:13161:2073t2:144t3:303t1:662t2:1426t5:1431t1:1502t1:2058t1:2074t2:1652t2:141t3:2236t1:1659t1:1666t1:1679t2:1714t1:2250t3:1756t1:1783t2:1790t3:1794t3:128t3:1858t1:1871t3:1872t1:2194t2: I take no credit for the spec, just the fightclass. Enjoy.
  4. Hi Guys, I am playing on project ascension, got the bot working, working leveling profile but i cant get my fight class to work. I have all the hunter spells i need for it to work, but all it does is auto attack. Doesnt cast any spell. Any ideas? Hunter [Marksman] [Leveling 1-80] [WotLK] - Dreamful.xml
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