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  1. I find that if the server crashes the relogger feature doesn't work properly. It gets stuck on the Realm Selection screen as shown in the screenshot below. After investigating the forums I found that the relogger should be relaunching WoW after X minutes defined in your settings profile. Despite having mine set to 2 minutes I find my bot stuck on this screen very often.
  2. @Droidz I'm still experiencing this issue every day. Is the relogger supported for TBC clients?
  3. @Droidz any idea why the Relogger doesn't relaunch?
  4. I have this line: <CloseIfCannotLoginWowMinutes>2</CloseIfCannotLoginWowMinutes> It was set to 2, but still game does not relaunch. Get's stuck on the screen shown above.
  5. @Droidz I use the updater to launch my bot each time. Is this feature of the relogger not available for The Burning Crusade clients?
  6. I often find my bot stuck on this screen
  7. It doesn't. I've waited several hours. It remains on the 'realm select' screen. Which it cannot bypass, and doesn't relaunch WoW.
  8. @Droidz I am having this same issue. Relogger does not relaunch WoW.
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