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    Path finder seems broken

    Hi @DroidzI tested for several days on different computers, Windows assemblies and virtual machines and now found a problem)) ahh and I could not even think that the problem might be that works good - it is ProxyCap (old version) , and its function is performs good, but for some reason Wrobot reacts badly to him As I already said, it started about 4 months ago, after new the Wrobot patch, but all was fine of the on older versions(25514) of Wrobot
  2. Kassad

    Path finder seems broken

    @Droidzdoes not work ((
  3. Kassad

    Path finder seems broken

    @Droidz I have seen this problem 4 month ago in new patch bot, but if use old version Wrobot - all ok, but now cant use old version and have istant Path finder trouble. At that time I checked on two Internet providers, the first had an error with Path finder, the second worked fine. Now both give an Path finder error 21 окт 2020 21H17 - vNVTAmH.log.html
  4. Kassad

    Path finder seems broken

    Hello @Droidz when will the fix be?
  5. The latest update for 1.12.1 and 2.4.3 is also broken, maybe other versions too every 30 sec this - Pathfinder server seem down, pause bot for 20 secondes
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