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  1. Tried running WRobot with (No DX hook) still getting the same message from the game.
  2. Yes, I am certain, once I shutdown WRobot, that message stopped after getting it multiple times.
  3. Hi,getting the following on Tauri: "The system detected the use of IsSecure. The incidence was logged. bla bla bla" Does that mean that WRobot was detected?
  4. Hi, thanks, but that is the FightClass file I am trying to use which does not work. 🙂 I also tried another pally FightClass, so I assume I doing something wrong, since I see that it checks the Fightclass and parse all the spells correctly: [F] 11:14:13.129 - [FightClass] Loading Fight class: E:\wrobot\\FightClass\[MoP]_Leveling_Paladin_Ret.xml [D] 11:14:13.134 - [Spell] Blessing of Kings (Id found: 20217, Name found: Blessing of Kings, NameInGame found: Blessing of Kings, Know = True, IsSpellUsable = False) [D] 11:14:13.139 - [Spell] Seal of Command (Id found: 105361, Name found: Seal of C
  5. Hi! New user of Wrobot here and I have issues getting the WRotation going. I downloaded a Hunter FightClass ([MoP]_Leveling_Hunter_BM.xml) and placed that in the FightClass folder, and selected it in General Settings and it works fine. Wanted to try a pally as well. So I downloaded a retardin FightClass ([MoP]_Leveling_Paladin_Ret.xml) and select it in the bot axactly as the same as the hunter earlier. Now, I start the bot, and it does cast Seal of Command, and if I now select a target the toon just runs up the target, initials combat, and then just use "standard" attacks and pa
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