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  1. How do you conjure food and water?
  2. The bot tries running far away to vendor items and dies when there is a vendor close by, how do you add a vendor?
  3. My bot dies because after it resurrects it attacks with low mana / hp even though I've configured it to drink and eat at <50% -> 95% It runs to its corpse, spawns, attacks without eating/drinking and dies and rinse repeat. Anyone else with this problem?
  4. I'm having the same problem, did you ever find a solution?
  5. How do I make pet attack first?
  6. How do I make it feed pet so it stays happy?
  7. I'm a hunter trying to have it so when I use hunters mark my pet will attack. And how to feed pet. When I click on condition info it says no information found, I was wondering if there was somewhere I can find that info.
  8. Is there something that tells you what all the conditions do?
  9. If I get a subscription can you help me get this working?
  10. Thank you for the reply, I do appreciate it. As soon as I can get this working I plan on being a long time subscriber. Everything seems to be working fine but it won't lock on and auto attack. If I manually make my pet attack the fightclass rotation will work. 24 Aug 2021 22H13.log.html
  11. If I enter combat (by making pet attack) the fightclass will follow through with the rotation, it will loot and skin target as well. 22 Aug 2021 20H05.log.html
  12. Yeah I have both grinder profile and fightclass set, everything seems to be working fine except it won't locate and attack.22 Aug 2021 13H43.log.html22 Aug 2021 13H43.log.html
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