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  1. I use wrobot for Wotlk. Hi help me please, I get an error when the Relogger closes the wrobot window for the latest updates. ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception Program: Q:\wowtest\Wow.exe Exception: 0x80000004 (SINGLE_STEP) at 0023:6B56279F the old version is working fine I didn’t see anyone else write about this problem on the forum, but I tested on different computers, and on all the latest version gives an error
  2. Recently got the WRobot and a few profiles/classes from a merchant and there's no current issue with him using the same profiles as I. When I use them however, one specific profile causes my WoW to become unresponsive and crashes if I don't either stop/close the bot shortly after it becomes unresponsive. If I pause the bot, WoW will still crash and then so will the bot moments after. If I close the bot, WoW resumes with no problems or difficulties. I've tried using other profiles/fight classes and don't have any issues with them. The file I've gotten from the merchant is the same as he's using and I'm crashing upon the use of mine where he doesn't crash at all. The only difference is I have windows 10 and DirectX 12 where I believe he's running Windows 7 and DirectX 11. Here is what I am only shown upon the failings of the bot in the logs. This only happens around the time my bot engages in combat too. "20:01:47 - [Fight] Player Attack Kobold Tunneler (lvl 5) 20:01:57 - Unloaded Frost Mage Fightclass [E] 20:01:57 - mainWindowHandle = 462366, key = W [E] 20:01:57 - mainWindowHandle = 462366, key = W [E] 20:01:57 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove. [E] 20:01:57 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove. [E] 20:01:57 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove. [E] 20:01:57 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove. 20:01:57 - [Quester] Stopped" [E] 20:03:41 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove. [E] 20:03:41 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove. *Continuously repeated for a few lines* "E] 20:06:12 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove. 20:06:29 - Unloaded Frost Mage Fightclass [E] 20:06:29 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove. [E] 20:06:29 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove. [E] 20:06:29 - mainWindowHandle = 462366, key = Space [E] 20:06:29 - mainWindowHandle = 462366, key = W [E] 20:06:29 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove. [E] 20:06:29 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove."" I don't know how to approach resolving this issue and we're both a little stumped.
  3. Hello i just tryed logging in and it tells me Login Error, try disabling my antivirus or come here for help. I dont have my antivirus on and i still cant login not sure whats wrong.
  4. Hi there, I was hoping to create a farming profile for a dungeon, but I would need a macro to reset instances, as well as clear out my bags besides the BoE drops. How would I do this with WRobot? Would it be with some sort of Lua, or is there already an easy way integrated I can use to accomplish this? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys i set up my paths and set my npcs for vendor and repair then my guy will pick one further away or a different one entirely. i want him to go to specific vendor.
  6. Whenever I start the bot I keep getting this error and it's making my profiles not work. I've deleted my temp folder and everything so I have no idea what the issue is.
  7. Hello im using [Paid 1-60 HORDE Questing Profile] & [Paid Wrobot Warrior] The bot works so fine with relogger im at 97% AFK and was easy to setup but I got 3 problems 1) Can Wrobot auto detect vendor & food in my level - buy it - & slot it to action bar - use it & auto "dont sell" (From level 1 to 60)? ------ At the moment im botting without food & if i want food i have to buy it myself and log it in wrobot so it wont sell it 2) SpellToActionBar Plugin my issue here is that i have to drag new skills to my action bar before this addon worke. It will change rank 1 to 2 but if the skills is not on the bar it will just stay in spellbook and i have to take it to action bar manually 3) [Paid iequip] Im using main hand & shield. I have to disable equip main hand so the bot dont equip 2h. Is there a way to say (Use 2h - False) so i can set (Use mainhand - true) on again? I also like to ask if someone know a guide to setup multiple accounts to grp/raid and follow/assist each other and do quests 1-60 Thank you. Edit# Problem 4) If my wrobot crash & relog it wont start where it left. It will Run back to a quest giver far far away & try to retake quests sometimes in other zones then back to where it started"crashed/relog" and run properly
  8. Simple request just want to know how i can run the bot to auto fight for me but allow me to move around outside of fights. old bots you can just turn on combat bot but i cant figure it out on this one please help
  9. My wand pretty much spam clicks so i can't use it in the way i want to aka just use it normally after i apply dots.
  10. cuhara56


    Arkadaşlar fikir danışmak için katılımlarınızı bekliyorum. Hepimiz ingilizce bilsekte burda herkes asıl taktiklerini paylaşmıyor. Birlikten kuvvet doğar. Gelin şurda yardımlaşalım goldlar yabancılara gitmesin.
  11. Hello there. When trying to log in with Relogger, with 5 accounts, and run BG bot, Relogger keeps closing 2 windows (out of 5, 3 work perfectly, 2 keep closing right after logging in). I would appreciate any kind of help.
  12. Okay so Ive been working on trying to find a fix for this quest for a while now, the quest is called "Whitebark's Memory" Iv'e literally tried almost every thing I first started by using the quest type "UseItemOn" and "UseSpellOn", these both call for a location to use the item, so i stand over the area and tell the bot to use the item on that space, that doesnt work. I have made sure to put the right item id where the bot asks to type it in. None of this works, so I then did a little research and found this post I then tried combining the "Quest without objective number count and with special objective" and the "Quest type use item on GameObjects/Unit" I do not actually know if this worked as im not good with code but after i executed the code I made to the bot, and run the bot. The bot just ran over to the spot I stated and the bot just sits there, it doesnt use the item or anything. After many hours of trying to find a way to solve this I cannot, if anyone could help me out that would be great
  13. @Droidz Hey could you please verify that this plugin is still working correctly? It was working for me perfectly before but ever since a few updates ago it doesn't seem to be. I am farming in Suramar, have added the withered hungerer code for suramar into you're plugin like i had before but when i'm on my Sky Golem it never targets the spawns now, just ignores them and keeps running. ps. I dont have ignore mobs while on sky golem checked GatheringMobSpawns.cs
  14. i use the Battlefield mode.but so many stuck node in the Battlefield,Make me look like a bot so much..i hope Administrators fix these stuck node..:(
  15. Hello WRobot community, I wanted to ask how much the bot actually costs. I want to use single session for 3.3.5. Is WRobot FOR WOW PRIVATE SERVERS for 19.99 lifetime? Or one month, one year? Thanks!
  16. hey, i need some help with the re logger. everything is set to what it should be. it logs in okay enters the right details but it gets stuck when selecting which wow to operate. i set it to WoW 3 but it would just stay stuck on the pick option to select a wow. i have to manually click on wow 3 before it enters the world. is there a way to fix this
  17. hey ive been running the bot. everything is normal, but when i go to start it up again for the next session the files have all changed to .config the application and all has changed. i tried to run the updater to fix it but nothing happen it just came up with errors. when i got to reinstall wrobot everything is fine i open update it starts to load everything but when its done and i press launch nothing pops up. i looked in the files and the application file to open wrobot isnt there. i tried re-downloading everything again multiple times and its still not in the files
  18. Ok so i have this problem that my bot will mail away my pickaxe everytime he will mail items, even though i wrote pickaxe in the not mail note in the mail tab. what to do?
  19. Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully respond. Im 100% new to this and have little to no knowledge but the software looks amazing so not worried about learning that. My main concern I have is having my account Banned. To avoid this I assume everyone that uses a bot to farm makes a new non connected account ? Then have a guild bank that the bot puts all the mats in ? Will blizz ban a IP address if so how to i get a ip change ? With legion they cracked down on bots, how safe is this, its only a matter of time before they ban me or do things smart and don't have to worry much ? Do they have any software that tracks the software you are using on your pc ( like anti cheap software in rainbow six and I'm sure other shooters ) Any info is more then helpful ty you all.
  20. Hi i load a profil and a fight class but when i click on strat nothing happened im currently at the 7.2.5 of wow uptade and my window is uptade , i download all the thing that forum says of how to repair but nothing work :( PLZ HELP ME :) 5 août 2017 00H32.log.html
  21. hi i need help with lua code or C sharp code to add to the in bot creator if target just dodged script ive tryed the overlay (in tbc the buttons i guess dont light up when an ablity is proced at least not overpower as you have to switch stances) ive tryed is spell usable (does nothing) ive seached and not found any code i can understand (im not a coder) im sure this is simple for 1 of u guys out there i wuld love a battle stance to activate now script with lua in the creator if target just dodged ill need the return value reseach and return value var too.. if this can be done i thank you for ur time in helping me thanx
  22. Hi Everyone, im new here and ive got a question regarding custom profiles... this is basically what i want my Char to do after a few hours... 1. Use hearthstone - or fly to dalaran 2. move to specific vendor 3. sell greys & greens & crap 4. buy stuff from vendor 5. move to specific location 6. cast specific spell ID 7. Send Mail to Bankchar 8. quit any help or feedback would be awsome.# Thanks!
  23. So I was trying to create a Questprofile for Auchenaikrypta in BC on a 3.3.5 WOTLK Server. I looked into Molotox Magister Terrace Profile and got all I need. Then I made a FollowPath running through all Mobs on the way to the Boss, 1 Patch whole Instance. 1 Path back and 1 Outside. As he enters the Dungeon he tries to run into the left Corner messing up with Waypoints. I tried multiply times applying new Waypoints with the profileCreator. Can anybody help? Edit: Same Problem in Manatomb @Droidz 25 Mai 2017 12H43.log.html Auchenaikrypta1.1.xml
  24. Hello Boyz, I'm new in this topic. Never botted before and I'm thinking about starting. But, I have some questions first. If you could help me I would appreciate a lot. • Will I be able to transfer gold from the bot account to my main account? How? • What is RTM? • I have to buy another game (I know) but I need to create another battle tag? • These gathering profiles, they say it's about 30k per day. Is this selling in the AH or the NPC? If I sell them to the NPC will I get less risk of getting banned? • I just want to make gold to maintain my flasks food etc and buying some mounts, do you guys think it is worth it to buy? • There is a risk to transfer gold to maintain account and the main get banned? • What do you guys suggest to behaviour with the bot? How long should I leave him online etc. • The leveling up questing is safe? If I want to use it to level up some toons in my main account, will I get banned? I think that's it. Sorry for my bad English if I got any phrase wrong. I don't want to get rich with millions and millions at least by now. Thanks everyone for reading.
  25. hallo brauche hilfe beim erstellen eines grinderprofiles. alles passt bis auf die stelle wo ich in dalaran ein portal nutzen möchte. lasse das profil aufzeichnen. doch beim portal hakt es. wie kann ich es benutzen. muss ich etwas einfügen? Hello need help with creating a grinderprofiles. Everything fits to the place where I would like to use a portal in dalaran. Let the profile record. But with the hobby it. How can I use it. Do I have to insert something?
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