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Ban wave - 19 February 2018



Ban wave hit WRobot few hours ago (on retail).

I released new WRobot version to try to resolve problem (and I'll continue next hours/days to release new updates to improve protection), but to be sure that new release is safe we need to wait some weeks.

For this reason, use WRobot only if you are not afraid of lost your accounts and if you know what you are doing!

You can discuss about this here: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/8666-ban-wave-19-february-2018-discussion/


Kind regards

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Nah I started play my WoW trial I had attached to my main account and I have all my mounts and all my gear appearances and heirlooms. So yeah I'm going to play with this till August lol. I mainly play Alliance so I'm lvling Horde on this account lol.

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I was in a dungeon with 4 of my bott account, it killed all 4 account till aug too ahhaha... but thank god my main is still good. im going to buy another 89$ worth of blizz and try it again today. wish me luck...

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