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Future of WRobot




Small news about the future of WRobot.


It is planned to support Wow private server (version 2.4.3, 3.3.5a, 4.3.4, 5.4.8) (I’ll put low price of subscription, and give free access at the users of WRobot for official server), for the moment I have finished version for 5.4.8, I'll start to work on wow 4.3.4.


I’ll remove "unlimited subscription" of WRobot (unlimited WRobot session on the same network (ip)), I’ll replace it by subscription with session limit (I think put 5 session at the same time, but not ip limit) (if you have currently "unlimited subscription" you keep it, to upgrade to session limit you can send me private message).


I also thought to rename website (remplace mmorobot by wrobot) and completely remove the trial version (also "WRotation" and "Party" bot) and add a subscription to test WRobot five days for 2.5 €, but it did not sure.
I’ll update website in the next weeks (new version is more clean).


Next week, I’ll open WRobot beta for Wow PTR server to start to work on profiles/fight classes (Wow 6.2.1, it is “release” build, it should come out soon, fly in draenor is very good new) (released, topic here).


The next extension was presented, World of Warcraft Legion, I look forward to learn more and to know the release date.


Regards, Droidz.

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I do like what your plans are beside one thing. If you will let 5 sessions with different IP people will start sharing bot with others and then we will loose control over who is actually using it. Please leave unlimited subscription as unlimited instances of bot from one IP. If you want to use the bot, buy it. Simple.

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I want remove free products/trial version and remove unlimited subscription for your security.


Free products/Trial version add WRobot users, more he has users, more he has risk to attract bliz (it is incorrect for users who pay).


Remove unlimited subscription encourages users to use multiple IP (Nightstalker pointed out to me). If you have a report on one account, all accounts that use the same IP will be monitored. It is true that I will lose subscriptions, and it is not benefit for me, but it's better for you.

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How to run another copies of wow.exe using proxy or other stuff to change IP? If it happens i expect a guide cos im using a bot for rotation on main and 5 other accounts for farm :/

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I will only add that blizzard do not allow using proxy servers to connect to WoW because they know people do that to hide their mostly illeagal activities and sooner or later will ban your account as happened many times to many users before.

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Im working now on a Holy Priest Fight Class that will fight along me and heal if necessary but agree with KnightRyder party bot must stay so i could set up my bots to follow my main char and help me fight. 

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Very exciting news for the private server community indeed!

Is there any sort of ETA on the release of the bot? And could you specify the bots capabilities and how it avoids being detected?

Big ups on the idea!

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