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WRobot for Warlords of Draenor PTR



You can donwload now WRobot for Wow Warlords of Draenor (PTR Server).

I'll try to keep this WRobot beta update for PTR. This version it useful if you want update your Fightclass or start to works on profiles.

Please report me bugs here.

Important changes:

If you use the lua code "GetSpellInfo" in your fightclass please read this post.

(developer) In WoD, GUID is in 128bit (instead 64bit in MoP), you can need to edit your code if you use GUID in it.

You can download WRobot for Wow 6.0.2 here: http://download.wrobot.eu/wrobotbeta/wrobotbeta.zip

ps: For the moment only Azeroth and Draenor map is supported (I extracts the wow maps for generate meshes for pathfinder but it is very long, I'll add new maps during next days).

EDIT: All maps are now supported, I have also added dungeons support.

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