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  • Bot skips Steps if the Quest is Discover Step (Follow Path)

    Amazing Snake
    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug
    [D] 01:03:52 - [Quester] IfHasQuest[75] (87
    ) | Result: False
    [D] 01:03:52 - [Quester] New step (80): TheFargodeepMine>TurnIn
    [D] 01:03:52 - [MovementManager]  You try to use flying/swimming path but you cannot fly/swim here, try to use ground mouvement...
    [F] 01:04:41 - [Spell] Cast Rend (Rend)
    [F] 01:04:42 - [Spell] Cast Battle Shout (Battle Shout)
    [F] 01:04:43 - [Spell] Cast Battle Shout (Battle Shout)
    [F] 01:04:49 - [Spell] Cast Rend (Rend)
    [F] 01:04:51 - [Spell] Cast Heroic Strike (Heroic Strike)
    [F] 01:04:51 - [Spell] Cast Heroic Strike (Heroic Strike)
    [D] 01:04:53 - [Quester] New step (84): TheJasperlodeMine>PickUp


    I tested this cause there was a Problem with the Quest http://db.vanillagaming.org/?quest=62 

    After follow the Path normal he was doing the right Step ( [D] 01:03:52 - [Quester] New step (80): TheFargodeepMine>TurnIn )

    But he was going into a fight and changed the Step to [D] 01:04:53 - [Quester] New step (84): TheJasperlodeMine>PickUp.

    There was no Turn in Action at all. He changed the Step for no reason and ONLY if was going into a fight.


    You realy need to Implement a Simple "Follow Pulse" similar to a "Grind" Step. That opens us the Option for better Pathing and better Questprofiles.

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          <Name>The Fargodeep Mine</Name>
          <QuestClass xsi:type="FollowPathEasyQuestClass">
              <Vector3 X="-9851.571" Y="219.3782" Z="14.19585" />
              <Vector3 X="-9847.972" Y="218.3932" Z="14.3927" />
              <Vector3 X="-9844.466" Y="217.4935" Z="14.3753" />
              <Vector3 X="-9841.082" Y="216.6011" Z="14.1985" />
              <Vector3 X="-9837.785" Y="215.4341" Z="14.11856" />
              <Vector3 X="-9834.558" Y="213.8199" Z="14.07232" />
              <Vector3 X="-9831.681" Y="211.8312" Z="14.08469" />
              <Vector3 X="-9829.155" Y="209.2498" Z="14.0992" />
              <Vector3 X="-9827.273" Y="206.312" Z="14.68491" />
              <Vector3 X="-9826.164" Y="202.8734" Z="14.23649" />
              <Vector3 X="-9825.7" Y="199.4051" Z="14.09015" />
              <Vector3 X="-9825.289" Y="195.8165" Z="13.03305" />
              <Vector3 X="-9824.917" Y="192.449" Z="12.8567" />
              <Vector3 X="-9824.523" Y="188.8585" Z="11.90452" />
              <Vector3 X="-9824.128" Y="185.2612" Z="11.89709" />
              <Vector3 X="-9823.944" Y="181.7693" Z="11.81224" />
              <Vector3 X="-9824.42" Y="178.3079" Z="10.76471" />
              <Vector3 X="-9825.701" Y="174.9298" Z="9.538194" />
              <Vector3 X="-9827.27" Y="171.8057" Z="7.951411" />
              <Vector3 X="-9829.567" Y="169.0216" Z="6.633213" />
              <Vector3 X="-9832.153" Y="166.6674" Z="6.087068" />
              <Vector3 X="-9835.095" Y="164.5614" Z="5.353571" />
              <Vector3 X="-9838.05" Y="162.6857" Z="4.72958" />
              <Vector3 X="-9841.113" Y="160.7594" Z="4.806061" />
              <Vector3 X="-9844.002" Y="158.7964" Z="4.89324" />
              <Vector3 X="-9846.216" Y="156.0909" Z="6.153926" />
              <Vector3 X="-9848.096" Y="153.0002" Z="6.362035" />
              <Vector3 X="-9849.735" Y="149.9186" Z="7.253898" />
              <Vector3 X="-9851.068" Y="146.5546" Z="7.656385" />
              <Vector3 X="-9851.697" Y="143.1224" Z="7.451535" />
              <Vector3 X="-9851.304" Y="139.549" Z="6.844682" />
              <Vector3 X="-9850.053" Y="136.2863" Z="6.169477" />
              <Vector3 X="-9848.107" Y="133.2419" Z="5.547273" />
              <Vector3 X="-9845.744" Y="130.6642" Z="5.164164" />
              <Vector3 X="-9842.821" Y="128.5777" Z="5.039626" />
              <Vector3 X="-9839.537" Y="127.3816" Z="4.805947" />
              <Vector3 X="-9835.984" Y="126.718" Z="5.616488" />
              <Vector3 X="-9832.628" Y="126.3076" Z="5.532591" />
              <Vector3 X="-9829.087" Y="125.6283" Z="4.82545" />
              <Vector3 X="-9825.646" Y="124.5102" Z="4.13905" />
              <Vector3 X="-9822.43" Y="123.4656" Z="4.11178" />
          <CanCondition />
          <IsCompleteCondition />
          <Comment />


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