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  • Error when working with Quest Editor

    • Version: All Product: Developers Type: Bug Status: Cannot Reproduce

    Was working today on my first profile for questing. Learning how it worked I encountered this error. Not sure what steps to take to debug it but have been pretty successful with the grinding profile creator.


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    Looks like there was an empty reference to something, very likely that it was specific setting or field that you tried to change or fill out too soon. I would see if any specific behavior causes this to happen again but otherwise there should be nothing to stop you from continuing the work.

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    9 hours ago, Droidz said:

    Do you have error in your log file? Do you get this error frequently?

    Is there a way to delete NPCs in the grinder profiles? This happened after I half deleted a grinder profile I deleted the NPC id because it was a duplicate but it wouldn't remove.

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