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  • Gather resources while in quest profile

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    i observed an interesting behaviour of the bot, when on the Quester Profile.


    I am using Arcangelo's profile for questing and i recently picked up the Herbalism profession and activated the herb gathering option in Wrobot's settings. When the bot detects a herb, it will go and try to gather it. Sadly the bot does not wait for the full 5 seconds required in vanilla. Instead it aborts gathering after 2.5 seconds and returns to the current quest profile task. 

    The only way the gathering works is the following: I stop the bot and restart Wrobot completely. If my character is close to a herb it will go there and gather it. Afterwards the quest profile will be activted and executed. After the quest profile was activated, the bot wasn't anymore able to pick up herbs.


    In my other topic *1 we discussed this matter and headcrab came up with the following code for me to test:

    WoWObject _t = ObjectManager.GetWoWGameObjectByName("put here name of herb").OrderBy(o => o.GetDistance).FirstOrDefault();
    Interact.InteractGameObject(_t.GetBaseAddress, true, false);

    This piece of code executed from the development tools was able to gather any nearby herbs. 


    This leads me to the following:

    I assume that either the quest profile is broken or there is an error in the transition from Quest Profile to the "Farming mode" or vice versa.


    In "gather_stop" the bot ran with HumanMasterPlugin (HMP) enabled and in "gather_herb_without_hmp" it ran without the HMP. Both files show the same behaviour.







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    I did. 

    It starts working when i add a latency of 2500 ms to counteract the premature abortion of the gathering process. Yet, this makes the bot extremley sluggish and slow in all others aspects of the game. The bot has a much higher chance of dying when fighting multiple mobs, is really slow to react to movement of mobs etc...

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