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  • "Grind Here" Function

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    Would it be possible to implement a function which allows you to set your current point as a Hotspot, list all attackable targets in xxx meters radius and enabling/disabling specific targets?

    Should work out like this:
    - move to an area of your liking
    - select "Grind here" mode (not starting it)
    - bot automatically scans aviable NPC-IDs in a specific radius (or have the scan started manually)
    - user (de)selects NPC-IDs to attack
    - start "Grind here" mode
    - bot will attack NPCs as told with attacking mobs within a radius around the hotspot

    MMO-crawler once had this feature (iirc) and it's really handy - you dont have to write whole profiles for farming something once or twice, It's no real route-pattern so less likely to be detected and it's easy to use.


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    Hello, you can use "Automaton" bot for this. If you want attack only selected mobs, in "product settings" put "off" at "Kill mobs" and add NPCs names in textbox "Npc to kill, Objects to harvest...".

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