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  • Grinder: Does not record path

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    I wanted to make a custom grinder to farm up on silk cloth but the bot does not record the path 

    Does anybody has a similar issue?

    Im using bot with 1.12.1 wow

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    What I noticed is if I set a vendor first in the creator then I go to the destination where i want to grind it wont record the path so I dont know if I have to set the Vendor after I set up the grinding spot or do it manually 

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    well, I am having issues with creating a grinding profile. set record path, walked around adding mobs, went to a vendor that I could sell and repair, saved profile, tried to start the profile and once it gets about a minute into it or so, it just walks back and forth between 2 of the path "beacons" don't know the right term, but you know when you enable path on the map overlay and it shows each spot created for the path? those, I have done everything I can think of, reinstalled wrobot, reinstalled WOW, deleted my created paths and made them again, tried starting the no DX version of wrobot... ran out of ideas. I just bought the bot about 2 weeks ago because it was nice to set up my alt to grind while playing my main, now I can't get it to work on anything. 

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