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  • I have found a Addon that could help us write our Fight classes faster.

    Bear T.O.E.
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    Ok I have an Idea. Why not have the bot read and work with an addon? This addon is legal in wow and can be edited in the Wow environment. The Addon is called MaxDps. we in game set up the code for our MaxDps rotation. The addon Monitors this and tells us when said spells are usable. And the Bot does the rotation to the code provided in the addon. The bot is the automation and the addon is monitor. And we can share out rotations here like we always do. Do you think this would work well? And who would we go about making it viable? I think we would have to make a plugin for the bot. I need to learn more about programming. But if I have the technical know how I would be doing this myself. Have a look here at the addon. http://maxdps.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4&sid=f8a00afeccaf47f4e6da4e3b0debf884

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