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    I set in advanced options under Looting an d Farming options -> Don't harvest objects :

    Thick-shelled Clam

    But Snapjaw on Lodamere Lake WRobot harvest this Item.

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    Not a fix to your problem exactly- more a way around it i found. 


    Soutridge Beach Azshara.xml


    That's a quest file I use a lot with a run code to automatically open and loot clams while fighting.  All you would have to do is change the location vectors and target NPC's and you should be good to go.  If you link your grinder file i should be able to merge the two.


    The runcode looks like this:

    Thread t = new Thread(() =>
        while (robotManager.Products.Products.IsStarted)
            if (Conditions.InGameAndConnectedAndAliveAndProductStartedNotInPause)
                if (ObjectManager.Target.IsValid && ObjectManager.Target.IsAlive)
    robotManager.Helpful.Keyboard.DownKey(wManager.Wow.Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WindowHandle, System.Windows.Forms.Keys.ShiftKey);
          Thread.Sleep(robotManager.Helpful.Others.Random(50, 150));
          Thread.Sleep(robotManager.Helpful.Others.Random(50, 150));
          robotManager.Helpful.Keyboard.UpKey(wManager.Wow.Memory.WowMemory.Memory.WindowHandle, System.Windows.Forms.Keys.ShiftKey);
          Thread.Sleep(robotManager.Helpful.Others.Random(50, 150));




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