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  • New FIGHT CLASS Guide [Willing To Contribute]

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    I love the way WRobot works. I've dabbled a bit in the Fight Classes Editor, and really enjoy how it works - the interface is pretty easy to understand if you are someone that has no programming knowledge - which I find very handy.

    I have read all the guides I can about making Fight Classes, but I keep running into one problem: understanding what each Spell Condition does. A lot of these are self-explanatory - and many are not. I have tried to understand some of them through trial and error, but it is difficult to try and find how something works, when I don't know what I'm looking for to begin with.

    I am requesting somewhat of a stickied guide for all of the Spells/Spell Settings/Spell Conditions that exist in the Fight Class Editor, and what each one does, specifically. The bullet list below explains more:

    • Spells - This guide would include which spells are currently NOT supported and/or bugged
    • Spell Settings - What each setting does, and a quick example (if needed) of how and why they should/would be used
    • Spell Conditions - An intro paragraph on how to optimize the workflow in your ability queue, tips and things of this sort
    • Spell Conditions - Each condition that exists in the current build of WRobot (keep updated), current bugged/broken conditions, and their descriptions with examples (if needed)

    Some of these things have already been covered in previous guides - I am requesting all of it covered in one handy, go-to guide that everyone can use, and reference all the time. I think if something like this existed, it would cut down on a lot of questions (after it's been posted a while), as well as encourage players to make their own fight classes. I have time to make my own, as many people do - but some people don't. So having something like this to reference would make things a hell of a lot easier for many of us.

    I realize this opens up a lot of possibilities, and potential player abuse of the program. Whatever happens however, my personal philosophy is to never have a completely fully-automated character. I think it's far safer not to, and it's also fun to control your character as the bot works its magic.

    I am willing to contribute to this guide, as much as I can. I don't know the descriptions of everything, but I can type up lists and edit them, etc. 

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    I'll not write more guide for create fightclasses (. Eeny has already create good guide and a lot of fightclasses (for Legion or older versions), with this fightclasses, you can see what conditions you need to use with your spell.

    I am agree, he missing descriptions of the conditions availables.

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