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  • Only loot quest item mobs

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    Was testing my leveling profile - and wanted it do it as fast as possbile - so i disabled the feature to loot mobs, but it ignored all mobs, and thats a bad thing :p


    Is it possible we can get an option like "only loot quest mobs" <- simply check the pulsepart, and see if its kill and loot and if it is then it should loot those ids from the questpart :)

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    Hello, at start, run code like:

            wManager.Events.LootingEvents.OnLootingPulse += (unit, cancelable) =>
                if (unit.IsValid && unit.GetDistance2D > 5)
                    wManager.wManagerSetting.AddBlackList(unit.Guid, 1000*120, true);
                    cancelable.Cancel = true;


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