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    Would it be possible to see a feature like a button you could press, and it adds a hot-spot ( While using the Gatherer Profile Creation) instead of relying on the recording process that's already included?

    I find some areas i can get stuck on a rock spike, or a cliff that sticks out while gathering on the Broken shore, and going back and deleting every other hot-spot helped fixed that quite a bit. But i won't lie, im lazy and thats quite a chore on a multi loop profile :P

    Thank you !

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    3 hours ago, Droidz said:

    Hello, use grinder or quester profile if you want to use hotspots.

    Thank you for the response Droidz, but neither of those accomplish quite what I'm looking for..


    I was more looking for a way to reduce the amount of spots produced while using the profile creation tool because going back and deleting spots this way is a large chunk of time15178574848888869954147266738590.thumb.jpg.157b3692ea5bf6de3137ca94ea1fc39b.jpg


    And doing it this way ( IE : flying a little, switch windows, record on, then off, then fly a bit again etc..) is a large pain if you mess up a record..15178576482386317590968899302028.thumb.jpg.de122ba5e2de430351ae54afd1ba1d2d.jpg


    I personally like using my second method because it gives me more control on WHERE my spots are generated.. but it would be kinda neat if you used the " ~ " as a hotkey to turn on/off the "Record path" button

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