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  • Remove all forms + mount

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    Hi again !


    There are quite some quests that don't allow you to use items on stuff or take rides and so on if you are in a shapeshift form, mounted or in stealth.


    So i would really really like to see a feature where you could disable this before using the item/talk to npc .


    As this really stops the Leveling profiles from running fully afk :)

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    40 minutes ago, Droidz said:


    Use goto quest type (to go to npc quest giver), add step type runcode with this code: "wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.MountTask.DismountMount();" and add step type pickup.


    That will only do it for the mount - ill need a code that also remove stealth, shapeshifting and everything - not just the mount - and it will needed to be removed for x amount of time

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