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  • Sending chat message on the channel

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Fixed

    Hey !

    I'm trying to send chat message on the Trade channel. This is how I supplied the information to send in the bot and the error I got in-game once sent:


    Despite I specified the parameter 2 in the right field, it seems this value is not properly passed to the lua function SendChatMessage.

    The documentation of the function states:


    SendChatMessage("text" [, "chatType" [, languageIndex [, "channel"]]])


    channel - If chatType is WHISPER, name of the target character; if chatType is CHANNEL, number identifying the target channel; ignored otherwise (string)

    When whispering, the name of the target character is properly set and works. Nevertheless, it doesn't seem to be the case using Channel.

    Could you please take a look to it ?

    Thanks !


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