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  • Something keeps hanging my bot.

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    So I'm running a custom grinding profile and wrobot randomly decides to hang up on itself. Just stops doing anything and I can't stop or start the bot. I can go trough the sections on the bot so its not frozen - just can't stop/pause/start the bot.

    I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the Loot-A-Rang plugin but I'm not sure, it mostly happens after the mob dies.

    There is nothing in the log, other than an entry to mount up.


    01:07:53 - [Mount] Dismount
    [F] 01:07:54 - [FightClass] Launch AOE Spell (Character position): *********
    [F] 01:07:54 - [Spell] Cast ********* (*********)
    [F] 01:07:55 - [Spell] Cast ********* (*********)
    [D] 01:07:56 - [Loot-A-Rang]: Use Findle's Loot-A-Rang
    01:07:57 - [Fight] Player Attack ********* (lvl 100)
    [N] 01:07:57 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 5
    [F] 01:07:57 - [Spell] Cast ********* (*********)
    [F] 01:07:58 - [Spell] Cast ********* (*********)
    [F] 01:07:59 - [Spell] Cast ********* (*********)
    [F] 01:08:00 - [FightClass] Launch AOE Spell (Character position): *********
    [F] 01:08:00 - [Spell] Cast ********* (*********)
    [F] 01:08:01 - [FightClass] Launch AOE Spell (Character position): *********
    [F] 01:08:01 - [Spell] Cast ********* (*********)
    01:08:03 - [Mount] Mounting ground mount *********

    Snipped of the last log entries, no errors no navigation issues or anything like that.

    It always happens in different place, even the place that was working fine 5 minutes ago so I'm positive its not my grinding profile.

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    So far it didn't hang up without Loot-A-Rang, but its hard to actually test as its random sometimes it would run for hours without hanging sometimes it would hang every 5 minutes...

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    Definitely the loot-a-rang plugin that is hanging wrobot.

    Tested in a dungeon with a quester profile - it ran for about 4.5 runs until wrobot hanged. Without Loot-A-Rang plugin it seems to be working fine.

    Shame, loot-a-rang is pretty useful.

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