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  • Soul Fragments

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    yeah his code look like this: 

          <FightClassConditions />
          <SpellName>Spirit Bomb</SpellName>
          <DescriptionSpell>#Vengeance Talent</DescriptionSpell>

    bot keeps spaming it when he doesn't have any soul fragments, what I need is a way to track the soul fragments stack, so he doesn't spam it even if it's just 1 soul fragment cuz that would be a waste of GCD.

    so what I am asking is, how to track the buff stack Soul Fragments if the bot can't track it?


    ok so this did the half trick 
              <Param xsi:type="FightClassConditionString">

    how can I make it track the stacks of that buff? I want my bot to only do Spirit Bomb if he got 4 or more Soul fragments out... Buff Stack can't track Soul Fragments buff for some reason.

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