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  • Bear T.O.E.
    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not Added

    Is there a way to make the bot know all the spells in the game and know when to use certain spells automatically Like interrupts as along as the spell is in the Fight class of course. in regarding to interrupts it would be very important that it would also know when to use the spells by knowing what spells it can interrupted and which ones can not be. This would make it so that the interrupts of the fight class inst used and is render useless by trying to interrupt spells that are uninterruptible or shielded.

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    Also I would add in to the conditions to reflect also the Me is Stunned to being anything that incapacitates the character. So changing it to Me is Incapacitated.

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    Oh I just had an Idea, if the bot know all the spells in the game. then you could make it so the bot knows when to taunt off of other players during raiding. knowing then the debuffs on the other character is by tracking the spells the boss casts and Taunting when the debuffs either are on the character or have stacked up to a certain lvl. And the bot will only use these parts if the Spell is in the fight class. this would simplify a lot of fight class making.

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