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  • [TBC] Bot enters regen state during ObjectManager.Me.InCombat

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    Sometimes, you are still in combat with some mobs. However the bot will still enter combat state. This happens for example if you polymorph one attacker or if you call Fight.StopFight() (maybe because you want to cancel the fightclass to run away from the fight).

    The bot should not try to enter regen while still in combat and the bot should STOP regen if it's being attacked.

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    Example screenshot of this: 



    [D] 10:54:43 - successfully casted: Ice Barrier
    10:54:44 - [Regen] Use drink Conjured Sparkling Water
    10:54:58 - [Regen] Finished
    10:54:59 - [Fight] Player attack before being attacked by Rock Stalker (lvl 58)
    [D] 10:55:30 - [MovementManager] Avoid wall: StrafeLeft
    [D] 10:55:32 - [MovementManager] Current pos: -7508,243 ; 1112,508 ; -1,46689 ; "None" - Target pos: -7504,142 ; 1107,832 ; -0,9357554 ; "None" Continent: Kalimdor Tile: 29.91405_46.07796
    [D] 10:55:32 - [StuckResolver] Started.
    [D] 10:55:35 - [StuckResolver] Done - Stuck count updated, new value: 13.
    [D] 10:55:37 - [Fight] Mob seem bugged
    [D] 10:55:38 - [Fight] Fight stopped
    10:55:38 - [Resurrect] Player dead

    This is a log of it just standing around and not fighting back. Potentially, this could be caused by me, but I don't think so.
    What could cause stucking in MovementManager when there is not even any walls around?

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    For testing, I tried using this code (calling start and stop from a plugin).
    But nothing is ever logged, so I think ObjectManager.Me.InCombat is incorrectly returning false. It should be the same as this.


    public static bool AffectingCombat(this WoWLocalPlayer me)
      return Lua.LuaDoString<bool>(@"return (UnitAffectingCombat(""player"") ~= nil)");
    public class RegenStop
        private static WoWLocalPlayer Me = ObjectManager.Me;
        private static Engine engine;
        private static Regeneration regeneration = new Regeneration();
        public static void Start()
            FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnStartEngine += (Engine engine) => {
                RegenStop.engine = engine;
            FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnRunState += AntiRegenEventHandler;
            FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnBeforeCheckIfNeedToRunState += AntiRegenEventHandler;
        public static void Stop()
            FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnRunState -= AntiRegenEventHandler;
            FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnBeforeCheckIfNeedToRunState -= AntiRegenEventHandler;
        private static void AntiRegenEventHandler(Engine engine, State state, CancelEventArgs cancelable)
            if (state.DisplayName == "Regeneration" && Me.InCombat)
                Logging.WriteDebug("cancelling regen while in combat");
                cancelable.Cancel = true;
        private static async void ReenableRegen()
            await Task.Delay(10000);


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