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  • [Vanilla] LastPos update not working while bot is in spirit

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    It seems like wManager.Wow.Bot.States.StopBotIf.LastPos is not updating while bot is dead (in spirit form).

    For example, code like this in a loop:

    if (wManager.Wow.Bot.States.StopBotIf.LastPos != null && Me.Position.DistanceTo(StopBotIf.LastPos) >= 50)
    	Logging.WriteDebug("Short distance teleport detected");

    Will work perfectly while bot is alive. He will compare last position with a current one and will give you a message is it's true.

    But if you are in spirit, it seems like LastPos is always = your last position when you were alive (in a word, your corpse position). So  Me.Position.DistanceTo(StopBotIf.LastPos) >= 50 will always return true if you are more then 50 metters away from your corpse.

    This make all teleports while you are dead absolutley undetectable.

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