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  • [WotLK] Pathfinding Ashenvale

    • Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    Good day. Exactly the same bug that i have posted Here:

    Unable to move down that road. Coordinates:

    Map name MPQ: Kalimdor
    My Position: 1419.178, -2253.302, 89.91604, "None"
    (It's a spot near lantern, just at the middle of the road)


    Map name MPQ: Kalimdor
    My Position: 1422.504, -2253.203, 89.92475, "None"

    Same coordinates, same location, but WotLK instead of Vanilla. Can you please add a connection as well? Here is a screenshot from WotLK realm:


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    Unfortunately, yes. To the left is a lake full of death (level 27-30 mobs while bot is like level 20). Far to the left, alliance camp. To the right, mobs that slow you for 5 minutes and then again mobs of high level, up to level 31 sharptalon (https://classicdb.ch/?npc=12676), wich is death trap for level 20-25 bot. And bot is constantley runing close to it location without blackzones added.

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