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Holy Priest Group Heal 1.0.4

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About This File

This is a Holy Priest Custom Class for Legion especially made for leveling by healing in dungeons or groups (party mode).
It's a highly modified version om my old WoD Holy Paladin healing class: http://wrobot.eu/files/file/569-holy-paladin/

The code is still based on Pasterke's Druid Restoration Heal Routine and AudreyH's Holy Paladin Fight Class.

The class is not intended to be used in battlegrounds!

All spells need to be configured before the class can be used, all options are deactivated by default.

Currently used talents:


(Only Halo and Body and Mind are actually build into the class)

Configuration Tips:

  • Product Settings for Party Mode
    • Healer: ON (the class manages targets itself)
    • Follow distance: 10 (should be between 7 & 13)
  • General Settings
    • Any harvesting and looting should be OFF
    • Close bot if teleported: OFF (needs to be off for Dungeons)

Fight Class Settings explenations:

  • Auto Interrupt : interrupt enemies spells with Holy Word: Chastise (has very low priority)
  • Follow Tank : enables the built in movement of the class - will follow tank or party members in and out of fight
  • Follow Tank Distance: the distance between you and the tank if Follow Tank is enabled
  • Use Attack Spells : Attacks the partys targets with Holy Fire and Smite (makes healing and movement slower)
  • "Healing skill" HP% : Cast "Healing skill" on party members with health equal or below to value %
  • "Group healing skill" HP% : Cast "Group healing skill" when amnount of players health is below value %
  • "Group healing skill" Players : Amount of players whith health below %
  • Resurrection on : Select what type of partymembers to revive

This fightclass is not a final version, there's many stuff that can be improved or added - any questions, help or ideas are welcome!

Problems you migth encounter:

  • Healing a PVP flagged partymember wont work if you are not PVP flagged
  • Purify will only work for the partymember with the currently lowest hp% (fixed in version 1.0.2)
  • Follow Tank: If the party leader is not the tank and Follow Tank is enabled you migth be walking back and forth between the tank and the party leader
  • Use Attack Spells: attacking slows down the heal rotation - espacially lazy tanks that don't use mitigation skills might die while you attack

Last but not least:
DON'T use this Class in dungeons while being AFK - movement in dungeons is pretty messy, you will get stuck!

What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


1.0.1    - fixed not healing "recruit a friend" connected payers
            - fixed endless resurrection tries (max. 2 tries now)

1.0.2   - fixed FollowTank trying to follow target which is not in line of sight
           - improved FollowTank function
           - added Spell Circle of Healing
           - added Mass Resurrection if option "Resurrection on" is set to "all"
           - attack spells will now also be casted if your own target is the only valid one
           - purify will now check for debuffed partymembers instead of only low health partymembers
           - modified usage of Holy Word: Chastise
           - minor code fixes

1.0.3   - changed purify behaviour: wont move to target anymore
           - added option "Max healrange" - partymembers out of range will be ignored
           - changed Renew and Flash Heal to make use of "Max healrange"

1.0.4   - the debuff recognition is now much more strict
           - purify should work much more efficient now

User Feedback

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Works great!

Only thing I would change is stopping the healing if the target is out of range. Sometimes when the target is too far away it says "Out of range" but when you try to move somewhere, it interrupts your movement with a spell.

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