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Private server 1.12.1 more then one instance of wrobot?


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Dear Community, since several month i have Problems to start wrobot for private Servers. Last year it works fine on win10 without any Problems.
Atm i can start wrobot (with a delay of 10-20 seconds) and start to bot. But if i start wrobot a second or third instance to Level a Party, i can not hit the startbutton. I can not start the Programm only the first instance.

Hm... have install wrobot new, no changes… delete all profiles/Plugins... no changes.
Install/repair all neccessary Windows librarys, no changes.

Have no idea what else to change. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.



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hey Birdfree,

With the withdrawal from "retail" wow, wrobot focused on private servers.  When doing so it changed the licence / structure. 


Take a look at the store + license you hold and see what you are entitled to run.

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hi Eeny, thanks for your answer. Did not noticed the withdrawal.
Well, i take a look if my subscription change into a 3 session license. Because i have payed before droids change his Business model.

Anyway, great bot and great fightclasses from you eeny.

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