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Battleground/Grinding Fight Class?

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Hey guys just wondering, does anyone know if fight classes can be made to fight in and out of a battleground, An example would be - I want to queue for Battlegrounds however want to Grind at the same time.. I can only use one class which makes Either Battlegrounder/Grinder useless. The only method, Which I've thought of is by putting each spell in twice and have one for battlegrounds and one for grinding.. Seems abit of a pain in the arse really.. can't we just have spells that work in and out of battlegrounds period without the option?

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You can use normal fight classes with battleground bot. If you want use special spells for battleground you can add condition at your spell "Target is Player" or "In Battleground".
You cannot use two fight classes if you combine grinder/Battlegrounder product.
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