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Issues with combat after ressing when using C# fight class


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I have only been using the bot for a few days, I tried making my own fight class in C#.

It works fine except when it decides to pull a big pack of mobs and dies.

When it ress it stops running my fight class code, it just runs to the mob auto attacking, not using any spell and the log shows nothing at the time of death or ressurection, not even when showing debug.


:54 - [Fight] Player Attacked by ...

:55 - [Fight] Fight stopped

:56 - [Resurrect] Player dead


:46 - [Resurrect] Player retrieve corpse

:47 - [Fight] Player Attacked by ...

:55 - [Resurrect] Player dead

I tried twice to stop and start the bot while dead and then it works fine, it is then able to ress and use abilities right away. But everytime it dies and try to ress without a restart it won't use any abilities, just auto attack.

Could it be that somehow the fight class is "crashing" when it dies? It doesn't say anything about any issues with it and I don't think it really would do that.

I haven't had any issues with this with the xml fight classes you make with the GUI.

Any idea what is causing the bot to not use any abilities unless it is restarted after dying?

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It was a different but similar situation.

I used some code that someone else made that would pause the bot for a while if it was a pvp death. But it was written wrong so it only paused the fight class not the entire bot and it triggered if the enemy wasn't same faction as the bot (which caused it to trigger on mobs since they are not same faction...).

I should have checked their code better, somehow it sounded like it was good in my head when I read it but ofcourse it isn't.

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