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Finding the path to vender


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i use the grinder profile.
is it possible to specify the path to the vender.
i.e. If the bag is full. stop grinder. flies at the specified coordinates. (the coordinates of the central square for example) comes to the House. sells junk. leaves the House takes off and flies back.
Help pls


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the problem is he does not know how to find the way to the House with the seller. and if he were able to go into it. then he gets stuck in the wall, pushing his.
need the ability to specify the path to the trader manually. and as I understood not.
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and i send you video link



Noticed the problem in moving character. If he killed an NPC in the water. He seems to think that stuck. begins to endlessly jump. then sits down on the Mount and endlessly flies to the top. stop the bot doesn't help. helps only the closing/restarting the BOT  (i  can record video. if need)

300-350 winterspring leopard.xml

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