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Conflict with Plugin/Profile & how to prio plugin over profile


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Hey there!

I'm working on my own Quester profile and on my own Plugin,  the plugin functionality is to check if I'm running low on ammo and if so go to the vendor and buy them. This plugin works however when I'm trying it with a character that still has steps to do in the profile it will get into the while (arrows < amount) but on the next pulse/tick it will continue to do whatever the profile tells it to do so it's never executing the code to go to the vendor and buy the ammo.

So what I want to achieve is that it "pauses" / ignores the profile and actually runs the plugin code first and when that is finished continue the profile. Any help?



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53 minutes ago, Matenia said:

Add a state with higher priority than the quester (similar to ToTown). You can look at the source of the free PartyHelper Plugin for how to do that

Do you got a link? I can't find it myself.

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