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Using .dll in Quest profiles


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im trying to get my quest profiles work with a .dll. With .cs files it works without any problems but after converting them to .dll it doesnt work anymore.

My .dll:

using robotManager.Helpful;

namespace Testdll
    public class MyTestScript
        static MyTestScript()

        public static void Test()

Added them into the Script Tag in .xml:


Trying to call my testfunction with RunCode in Quester: Both are not working



Error in Wrobot:

wjnzco2s.0.cs(13,3) : error CS1056: Unexpected character '�'
wjnzco2s.0.cs(13,1) : error CS0116: A namespace cannot directly contain members such as fields or methods
wjnzco2s.0.cs(13,4) : error CS1513: } expected

Do i miss something or is it attented to not work with .dll?

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