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Last version of bot won't work


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Last working version was WRobot Version: 2.1.2 (37634) for wow: 5.4.8_18414

Since it being updated to WRobot Version: 2.2.1 (33755) for wow: 5.4.8_18414 and more recent the bot won't launch correctly. It shows this window, launch and doesn't work in any mode:


I don't change anything nor my computer nor game client.

I try to disable all addons, switched off almost all programs but doesn't get any result. 

This is last log from working version:

3 окт 2018 21H33 - eQyhH.log.html

This is log after killing update:

6 сен 2018 14H42.log.html

So almost month I can't use payed bot time...

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I tryed 2 different clients. Got the same problem. SlimDX was installed. The same problem if I run the bot with "NoDX" option. If I use "Use LUA to move" my chas doesn't move at all. Any suggestions?


Can I somehow use old working version? I have backup (1.9.0) but it doesn't allow me to run it. Shows prompt about update then closes it in a few second and runs update. I cant' even push the "NO" button. Last working version for me was 2.1.2. Is any way to get it? It wasn't detected at my server.


I think the problem appears after security update. What's the difference between 2.1.2 and 2.2.1?

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