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How to Target Pet to cast a spell in CS?


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I have been looking for a good hour now though other peoples work and testing things. Im sorry to have to make a post asking.

How do I target my pet with a spell in CS? Also, does anyone know of an API resource for wrobot for CS? Would love to develop.


EG of what I have for self targeting. I can change 'me' to 'pet' but it will still target myself for the cast,

            else if (ObjectManager.Me.HealthPercent <= 65 && !ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff("Renew") && Renew.KnownSpell)
            else if (ObjectManager.Me.HealthPercent <= 65 && !ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff("Rejuvenation") && Rejuv.KnownSpell)




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