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Disable NPC DB Autofill?


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@Droidz I've tried to remove all the NPC's in my NPC DB to add only the ones I want to use, but everytime I reopen it, the default has been restored along with my added ones.
This causes problem as my bot will try to move really far away to go to these NPC's and most of the NPC's I never use, can you remove the autofill option or maybe add an option for it to disable it so we can decide for ourselves? Personally I would love to have control over every aspect of my botting, which means starting with an empty NPC file and then add my own ones that I want to use.

Maybe even add NPC Profiles that you can upload with certain Fight Classes or Grinding Profiles.
More options is always nice!

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Yeah, I managed to do that long ago, what I'm wondering is if it's possible to disable the NPC DB autofill which I guess you have hooked up to some autoupdater? Since whenever I change the XML file, it reverts back even if I save it. I'm trying to remove every NPC that is in there and only add the ones I use to easier organize etc.

TDLR: I wanna be able to manipulate the NpcDB.xml in all ways, including removing NPC's.

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Close all WRobot process before to remove xml file.

And in advanced general settings tab "Other..." disable "Automatically add NPCs to dabase from loaded profiles" and "Add NPCs...". You can also put lower search radius and use option.

But your profile or plugin edit option or add NPC with C# code this options can be ignored

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