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Deselects mob while fighting constantly

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My 27 rogue keeps dying to mobs that are way lower than him and it seems to be some error that I cannot figure out.


[E] 11:08:26 - StartFight(ulong guid = 0, bool inBg = false): System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1<robotManager.Helpful.Vector3> wManager.Wow.Helpers.PathFinder.FindPath(robotManager.Helpful.Vector3, robotManager.Helpful.Vector3, Boolean ByRef)'.
   at Escape.RunFightEventHandler(WoWUnit unit, CancelEventArgs cancelable)
   at wManager.Events.FightEvents.FightTargetHandler.Invoke(WoWUnit unit, CancelEventArgs cancelable)
   at wManager.Events.FightEvents.(WoWUnit )
   at wManager.Wow.Helpers.Fight.(UInt64 , Boolean , Boolean , Boolean , Boolean )

^ that is the error message I keep seeing. I wasn't having any issues before today.

Thank you!

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