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LF Healing Profile Help


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Hello everyone. I'm pretty new here. I have a little bit of experience with dps profiles and they work OK. However, I cannot seem to get a healing profile set up. I have tried over and over and it often doesnt do anything but follow. I tell the bot it is for a healer and that spells are for friends. 


Attached is a two spell combination I have been trying. It is for a Holy Priest. 

Test Heals.xml

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[E] 18:32:40 - FindPath(Point startVec, Point endVec, out bool resultSuccess): Continent: Selected: Blackfathom - InGame: Blackfathom - ERROR: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at DetourLayer.NavMeshQuery.FindStraightPath(Single[] start, Single[] end, UInt32[] pathCorridor, Single[]& straightPath, StraightPathFlag[]& straightPathFlags, UInt32[]& straightPathRefs)
at vgRtsvyipyRnwpgMLL.dmTvjqi1EaxJgh7rTh.wpw8iCASAW(Vector3 , Vector3 , Boolean& )

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For the first problem (fightclass), you need to settings manually the spell range if "For friends" option is activated (using the condition "Target Distance" for setting range).
For you second problem, it is caused by the path finder (path generator), you can use also it but wrobot don't avoid wall in this continent for the moment (or you can move manually your character if you desactivate option "Manage character rotation, ...." in product settings). I'll add support for path finder of this continent.
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